How to save colors in XD

Want to save your colors as swatches in Adobe XD?

When working in Adobe XD, you may find yourself wanting to save colors for future use. While the color picker is a good quick fix for using the same color multiple times in a single project, there is a better way!

XD lets you save any color as a color swatch. This is handy if you are are working with brand colors that need to appear over and over throughout a UI design.

In this mini tutorial I will show you hw to save a color in the Appearance panel for future use.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your Adobe XD project file
  2. From the Appearance panel on the right side, Open the color Fill and choose a color
  3. Or, pick select an existing object in your project that has the color you want
  4. Click the “+” symbol under the Fill menu in the Appearance panel

That’s it! Now the color has been added to your swatches. To use that color again, just choose any shape or text and select the color swatch from the Fill dropdown menu.