How to change an artboard’s size in Illustrator

Need to change the size of an artboard in Illustrator?

Changing an artboard’s size within Illustrator may be helpful for many reasons. Sometimes project requirements will change, the client will want a different graphic size, or you may be creating multiple artboards in a single project and need to individually customize the size of each.

Whatever the case, Illustrator makes the process super easy!

As with most tasks in Illustrator, there are several ways to change the size of an artboard. Here’s a quick look at one of the easiest ways!

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your Illustrator project
  2. Select Document Setup from the tool options bar (or select File > Document Setup from the top menu)
  3. When the popup window appears, select Edit Artboards. This will activate the handles on your artboard’s edges.
  4. With the Move tool (Shift + M), drag-and-drop any of the four corners or sides to the desired size. Hold Shift while doing this if you want to constrain the aspect ratio of the artboard.


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